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December 18 2019

At a somewhat alarming rate, the 2019 early year Spring blossomed into a radiating Summer sun, subtly setting into Autumnal cooler nights and brisk mornings, suddenly compelling us to realise the year is almost up and this year’s Christmas preparations is upon us!

So, with the months of festivities just around the corner, we at Hill House Interiors want to give you a swift overview of how to cultivate the perfect interior to infuse your abode with festive spirit. Whether you’re having your nearest and dearest to stay, or planning on throwing a show-stopping Christmas bash, these three key interior design considerations are sure to create an interior which can help take some of the up-and-coming hosting stress away!

Christmas Entertainment Space

Home Bar

Our first tip is related to a more enduring interior design decision that will make your home ready for receiving guests all year-round - a home bar! A signature Hill House Interiors design choice popular with our private clients is the cultivation of a multi-functional entertainment space through zoning a previously empty or unused space. Not only is this open-plan style extremely practical, but it’s seriously on-trend! Incorporating a home bar as an extension of the main seating and living area is useful when hosting a dinner party event, enchanting ease in sociability and acting as a transitory space to the dining area.

Home Bar

Known for our innovative home bar style designs, we use high-spec joinery infused with varied textures and materials to induce the optimum evening mood. Go for bespoke detailing in a bar counter, such as natural stone or padded leather panels, set against geometric bevelled mirrors to open up space, and luxurious stools to add a pop of colour. We often incorporate TV screens into our home bar designs so our private clients can play the right music videos to suit the party mood, or, when not entertaining, can relax in the comfort of favourite films and sporting events. There' no better way to top the perfect ambience off with a Baileys or warming mulled wine too.

A Beautifully Curated Dining Table

A space many an hour is blissfully spent during the December month freely indulging in decadent dishes - the dining table. For the Christmas turkey dinner or the run-up to dinner parties, dressing your dining table with more than food is a must, especially when multiple courses are involved.

A brilliant way to perfect any design is layering, which is the key principle to styling your Christmas dining table to perfection. Start with a smartly stitched table runner and then layer with placemats, napkins, elegant napkin rings and a bold statement centrepiece - all are available and dazzling in our showroom! Secondly, the colour palette is key. Opt for classic Christmas hues if you so desire, such as the evergreen tone of holly bushes and fir trees, and an elegant deep burgundy that couples with champagne tones beautifully. For those appreciating a modern spin on their decor, select a more contemporary ivory palette to emulate snowy mornings with a refined linen table runner. Don't shy away from the bolder tones either. If done properly, through incorporation into existing room design schemes, hues ranging from Hot Pink to Peacock mean the options really are endless. Pair with rustic metallic candle holders or ornaments to add depth, or add a little sparkle for good measure.

Finally, what might at first seem an odd suggestion for a table focal point is a necessity on all dinner tables - tableware. We can’t forget that one of the most important aspects of your Christmas table set up is what you and your guests will use to not only serve the food but eating and drinking too! With the right picks, however, artistic flair and practicality combine. Ralph Lauren table settings in golden hues and silver-plated brass add refined opulence and are certainly en vogue this season. For the more ornate choice, Michael Aram’s experimental craft-based designs inspired by nature brings artistic attention with detailed ornamentation in table settings and napkin rings. A selection of sophisticated tableware perfect for any occasion is available in our Weybridge showroom too.

The Final Touches

Light up your living room and dining area with carefully-picked candles for a Christmas glow. Fit these accessories with hurricane holders to allow a subtle smoulder, with an added distinct finishing for a more rustic look. A Hill House Interiors favourite, the luxury Baobab Collection, brings a subtler yet discerning touch, with its aesthetically pleasing exterior bringing a decorative presence.

Finally, it's worth noting that nature in design is an up-and-coming interior design concept sweeping this year’s design festivals. Pushing us to connect with the outdoors through infusing our homes with the outside. Christmas floral arrangements are a perfect winter spin on this trend that seems here to stay. Inject character and life within your chosen colour scheme, especially if you’re looking for a quick and easy interior revamp. Opt for our faux flower arrangement service at our Weybridge lifestyle showroom to keep your floral feature looking fresh throughout what can often be a long Christmas season! Don’t forget to mix in some fresh foliage to add another sensory experience such as an inviting festive fragrance of fresh pine and berries.

The Final Touches

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