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October 21 2019

At Hill House Interiors, we envision everyday luxurious living for our clients starting with an environment which embodies bespoke customisation, a colour palette for any mood, and, not to be forgotten, comfort! Where best to start than a room frequented by you and your guest’s morning, evening and night - the bathroom! Whether it's the morning rush or for evening relaxation, we want your bathroom to fit for any occasion. Here are some important aspects we look to when designing our private clients' luxury bathrooms.

The right materials

Luxury Bathroom

One of the most popular materials among our clients dates back thousands of years, utilised in some of the most opulent architectural feats worldwide - Marble. Known for its intrinsic durability and opulence, opting for darker shades of marble is a sure-fire way of bringing a feeling of bold sophistication to less sophisticated moments! But, luxury doesn't have to cost the world. Our clients readily opt for marble-effect materials, such as porcelain or quartz, with no trade-off on the delivery of our award-winning style.

If a deeper colour palette is for you, a bold contrast of hues can be brought to your bathroom with one of our customised statement wall fittings. Natural stone is the latest trend among our clients for this purpose. Each fitting is unique due to this material being formed by mother nature herself, meaning no two fittings are the same, bringing a feeling of exclusivity and enabling you to pick the right one for you!

Luxury Bathroom


At Hill House Interiors, we believe true luxury is mastered in the detail. While picking the right bath and basin taps may be minutiae for some, it provides a meaningful opportunity for artistic customisation for our clients!

Luxury Bathroom

Opting for gold, bronze or brass fittings catches and throws back light, amplifying a sense of space and bringing a feeling of classical opulence to more modern designs. Installing inlays into surface materials, such as flooring or walls, creates a supplementary decorative pattern in bathrooms of those clients desiring more intricate layering techniques, creating the illusion of depth when fitted into darker toned material and a feeling of muted elegance when paired with matching coloured fittings.

Not only is the devil in the detail, but nothing says luxury like minimalist appreciations for the current trends in house interiors. Emerald green and blush are the interior colours of the moment, perfect accents to more neutral schemes in the form of flowers, candles or statement ornamental pieces to add a bit of jüj. With the days getting shorter, turn your attention to deeper autumn/winter palettes with these accessories too. These embellishments can be relatively inexpensive to change for each season and keep your bathroom looking fresh and new all-year-round! Pop down to our lifestyle showroom in Weybridge, Surrey and get expert advice on the ideal accessories for your space.

Luxury Bathroom


Although nothing feels better than basking in natural light while getting spruced up for the day or seeing reflections of the setting sun during an evening bath, we at Hill House Interiors pay great attention to creating the right artificial lighting needs for any time of the day!

A combination of lighting levels is key in creating the right ambience for the moment so say goodbye to simple on-off switches when looking for luxurious moody moments. Nothing’s worse than prepping full glam in the mirror and it looks completely different in natural light, so opting for the right wall lights by your wash-stand or vanity is also a must. Choosing the right pendants to frame bathroom lights also allows artistic flares, such as in this client's stunning bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom

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