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December 1 2018
How to do Christmas

With Christmas less than four weeks away, like most of us, you are undoubtedly thinking about putting up the festive decorations. But where to start? Here at Hill House, our interior designers have put together some tips and tricks to make your home feel merry and on-trend this season.

Play with Innovative Design

Play with Innovative Design

Working with the style of your home this Christmas is a good place to start. Enhance the glamour by incorporating pearls, ivory feathers and taupe or keep it traditional by throwing in some emeralds and greens.

Upgrade and Fake Your Flowers

Botanicals are the craze this season. Visit us at the Hill House showroom and pick from a wide range of festive floral arrangements to last you all season long!

Consider Your Colour Palette

Just because it is the Christmas season, does not mean you have to keep it to red and green. Metallic decorations are really on-trend for a modern and colourful Christmas. We do love a bit of sparkle!

More is More!

Opulence at Christmas is very en vogue. To over embellish is fine and in fact our design team encourage it! Consider your lights for instance, you should have at least 1000 on your tree to bring it to life and keep it dazzling! Talking of trees, make sure to fill in all the gaps by being generous with those baubles.

Take Care of Your Gift Wrapping

What is under your tree counts just as much as what is on it! Even the most awkward of present can be put in a box to make it aesthetically pleasing. Visit us at the Hill House showroom and have your gifts wrapped with precision using a variety of ribbons to match the decor of your tree.

Indulge in Inspiration

Check out the Hill House Christmas windows and get inspired!

Take Care of Your Gift Wrapping

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