Our World / Why is interior design so important?

September 16 2019

Interior design helps to create a scheme that is both functional and aesthetically appealing, whilst utilising some of the latest design techniques. Hence, the significance of such a profession cannot be ignored. In fact, when it comes to planning the interior design of a space, the role it plays is not much dissimilar to its architecture. So, it plays a big role in everyday life too, introducing many to enriched and inspirational arrangements. Here's a closer look at why hiring a designer to ensure your home embodies the greatest pedigree of interior design is important…

Interior Design Important

The Wow Factor

A well-designed interior is essential to a structure's ambience. This is because interior design provides a soul to a building, making it more functional, pleasant and liveable. So, when designed to a high standard, a beautiful space has the power to enrich one's life too. The key to developing such a scheme is attention to detail and a careful consideration of finishes for comfort and style.

But how is that 'wow' factor that everyone is looking for achieved? At Hill House, thinking outside the box is what we do all day long! Our staff are trained to think differently, spatially and to see an overall picture that clients often cannot. We ensure to stay true to the client’s brief, aware of their desire and expectations as a luxurious space owes to its personal touch too. However, we continually look to surpass these expectations through elevating the overall design scheme, creating high end interiors that represent the Hill House signature style ‘Modern Luxury’.

Interior Design Important

An extra set of trained eyes

Interior designers are experts at designing a client's space according to their requirements, while solving any issues that arise in the process. That's why our work is based on both science and art: we're planning the space to be a secure and functional oasis, but spending additional time and effort into enhancing the overall scheme.

Involving a professional designer in a project offers an extra set of eyes, but these eyes are trained to see and notice things that are often missed. Overlooking common mishaps like the position of electrical supplies and the scale of your furniture can be an expensive business too!

At Hill House, we achieve our client's concept within budget by interpreting the initial detailed brief, examining the established architecture of the building and producing a narrative around which to construct the interior and/or exterior design. This process provides clients with a set of aesthetically pleasing but efficient solutions for a better use of the space in question whilst introducing a unique luxury style as well.

Interior Design Important
Interior Design Important

Exclusive Contacts

Skilled craftmanship gives an interior space its character. Our work, both in the UK and abroad, is always rich in innovative bespoke features. When acquiring unique and creative pieces we work with many artisans and artists whose work has often been handed down through several generations of families. We're fortunate to be able to draw upon many talents that produce bespoke elements for unique projects around the world, as a result of years of experience in this industry. By culminating our resources, we introduce quality items and statement pieces into our homes including bespoke furniture, unique antiques and eclectic artwork. They're an integral part to our interiors and we work closely with these talents to create products that keep the finishes and fabrics of our design schemes in mind!

Interior Design Important
Interior Design Important

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