Our World / International Women's Day - Meet Jenny Weiss

March 27 2019

At Hill House, we're proud to highlight the work of brilliant creative women every day. In recognition of this month's International Women's Day, we've decided to celebrate our predominantly female team of highly experienced Interior Designers, Architects, and support staff. We hope to offer encouragement and motivation to other aspiring women out there by sharing our stories!

This week we're kicking off with one of our talented female directors, Jenny Weiss.

International Women's Day - Meet Jenny Weiss

Where do you find your inspirations?

Much of my inspiration comes from nature inspired hues and textures bringing a touch of the outdoors in. I love that you can still create something utterly glamorous that's inspired by the natural world. During my years as an interior designer I've moved toward organic shapes, natural materials and earth-inspired motifs. They make for beautiful nature inspired architecture and interior design. I went to Sag Harbour a couple of years ago to visit Donna Karan's new 'Urban Zen' showroom and came across a stunning natural collection. I was particularly impressed by a selection of bleached driftwood tables - a brilliant example of unconsciously reconnecting with the outside world through interior design.

International Women's Day - Meet Jenny Weiss
International Women's Day - Meet Jenny Weiss

What does it mean to be a female designer today?

Being part of a predominantly female team has created a wonderful atmosphere of support and encouragement for one another. We 'fix each other's crowns' as the saying goes. But this isn't simply the case for our Hill House office. I would say that the wider female design industry is very warm and welcoming. It isn't a competition as there's work for everybody. We take time to engage with and inspire each other. The important thing is, like in any industry, that you're passionate about what you do and are willing to work hard to achieve your goals.

Who are some of your favourite female designers and why?

My favourite female interior designer would be Anoushka Hempel for her brave and structured approach to luxury design. Her award-winning and innovative sense of style blends a sense of history, symmetry and bold colours into a space. I admire feminist Diane Von Furstenberg whose goal is to empower women in fashion and beyond. She describes her role in life is " to help women be who they want to be ". She's a woman in charge and certainly wants those who both love and wear her brand to feel the same.

Which women, or woman inspired you to follow a creative path?

I've always loved Audrey Hepburn and everything she stood for. She's much more than simply a renowned actress and is truly beautiful both inside and out. She was a woman who faced many hardships and obstacles during her childhood, but still was able to be true to herself and who she was. She rose above her hardships and didn't let it define her. This inner strength that she beheld masked by her gentle and sophisticated character marks her as a very inspirational woman. I believe she will - and should - remain an icon for many.

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