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August 15 2019

What makes luxury interior design…luxury? Like most design terms, 'luxury' is difficult to define. Most luxury spaces, however, have some common elements uniting them. In order to embody the greatest pedigree of interior design, luxury homes focus on comfort, elegance and custom touches. Read on to find out more…

Attention to detail

The key to developing an interior that meets the status of 'luxury' is attention to detail and a careful consideration of finishes for comfort and style. The design of luxury spaces introduces quality items and statement pieces including bespoke furniture, unique antiques and eclectic artwork. They're an integral part to our interiors and we work closely with artists and artisans to create products that keep the finishes and fabrics of our design schemes in mind.

Our principle, however, is always in respect of our clients. We stay true to the client's brief, aware of their desire and expectations as a luxurious space owes to its personal touch too. Nevertheless, we continually look to surpass these expectations through enriching the overall design scheme, creating high end interiors that embody the Hill House signature style 'Modern Luxury'.

Luxury interior design
Luxury interior design

Skilled craftmanship

Skilled craftmanship gives an interior space its character. Our work, both in the UK and abroad, is always rich in innovative bespoke elements. When acquiring unique and creative pieces for that luxury edge we work with many artisans whose work has often been handed down through several generations of families.

This strong artistic component may come into play at various stages of our design projects, from stunning cabinetry and furniture pieces to beautiful bar, kitchen and bathroom designs – as well as custom-made artwork. As a luxury interior design agency, we're fortunate to be able to draw upon these talents that produce bespoke elements for unique projects to a high standard.

Luxury interior design

Thoughtful Design

We love designing spaces with a refined elegance, arranging distinct colour palettes and lavish fabrics to create the intended mood. But a thoughtful design shines when considered much earlier on while planning luxury spaces. We often involve ourselves in the architectural realm from the start of a project, either with in-house architects or through process of creative collaboration. We focus on a strong architectural foundation - including movement, proportion and scale. This helps achieve a more cohesive space for the client that accentuates harmony and spatial flow.

A well-designed, luxurious space will be planned around an architectural focus such as a big, elegant fireplace, piece of art or a window view. The focal point will be the first thing the eye sees when entering a room, so our design must capture that initial attention the architecture encourages and continue to intrigue the senses with the rest of the space through our injection of colour, texture and shape.

Keeping On-Trend

In granting a home its status and overall character, its interior design is unmistakably essential. Emerging design trends continue to highlight the success of fashioning living spaces tailored to meet the desires of individuals. As fashion trends change, so do interior design tastes; so, it's important that as designers we understand developing styles and the direction they're headed.

In the world of interiors, we’re more focused on macro trends that are greater and longer lasting instead of micro fads, which are more common in fast fashion. One such interior trend is sustainability, inspiring many to think more about the source of their products and materials as well as the choice of fabrics. Not only are natural materials and textures on-trend but these grounding elements introduce a sense of serenity to any abode. Technology is forever changing too, and we like to keep on top of this, particularly in our bathroom and kitchen designs including luxury home spa installations.

Luxury interior design - Bathroom
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We always feel a great sense of pride when looking back on projects over a decade ago to find they're still relevant in today's market. If the property has been given the love and care they deserve, they're still current and a source of inspiration for future projects. We always ensure to strike a balance between trendy and timeless design, as it’s important to recognise that a home will evolve over the years as well. The trick is to choose where to follow the trends and where to remain neutral and timeless in your design choices.

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