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Hill House Interiors for Epoc Handcrafted Beds

November 15 2019

Hill House Interiors is proud to have designed a timeless collection of upholstery pieces in collaboration with EPOC Handcrafted Beds...

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How to design a show-stopping kitchen

November 04 2019

In an age where time always feels like it’s of the essence, compelling us to grab dinner on-the-go or opting for a takeaway coffee...

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How to create a luxury bathroom at home

October 21 2019

At Hill House Interiors, we envision everyday luxurious living for our clients starting with an environment which embodies bespoke customisation...

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Behind the scenes of an extension built for entertaining

October 14 2019

Private Estate, Wentworth
In 2006 Hill House Interiors created an award-winning luxury interior design scheme for a 9,000...

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Medina Lounge

October 02 2019

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour (DCCH), being the largest of its kind in Europe, is recognised as the place for creative...

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Why is interior design so important?

September 16 2019

Interior design helps to create a scheme that is both functional and aesthetically appealing, whilst utilising some of...

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All You Need to Know About Luxury Interior Design

August 15 2019

What makes luxury interior design…luxury? Like most design terms, ‘luxury’ is difficult to define. Most luxury spaces...

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What’s the Difference Between Architecture and Interior Design?

July 30 2019

We spend about 90% of our time indoors, so it only makes sense that this time is spent in a space that offers us as much...

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How to use natural materials in your home design?

July 22 2019

These days, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of the products that they use – and rightly so...

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What are our top interior trend predictions?

July 04 2019

We’re all rediscovering the value of the handmade artisan and opportunities for custom and crafted materials...

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How to create the ultimate powder room?

June 20 2019

As a room that the majority of your guests are likely to visit at some point, making the most of your cloakroom is essential!

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Classic British Interior Design

May 24 2019

Discover three elements of British interior design that inspire our design aesthetic...

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Milan Design Week 2019 - Interior Design Trends

May 1 2019

Last month our team attended Milan Design Week (MDW), a spectacular event in the interior designer's calendar Each April, multitudes of visitors visit...

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International Women's Day - Meet Helen Bygraves

April 5 2019

This week we continue our recognition of International Women's Day by sharing our stories. Up next our talented director, Helen Bygraves, shares her story...

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International Women's Day - Meet Jenny Weiss

March 27 2019

At Hill House, we're proud to highlight the work of brilliant creative women every day. In recognition of this month's International Women's Day, we've decided to celebrate our predominantly female...

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Maison & Objet - Interior Design Trends

February 19 2019

This January, Hill House made our way to Paris to attend one of the world's leading home décor fair. This is the capital's time to shine as numerous interior and design professionals gather to seek out the latest...

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Where have we been?

January 15 2019

Toward the end of last year, Hill House hopped between Monaco, Lago sand Marrakech in pursuit of bespoke designs and to visit some of our overseas clients. Here is a sneak peak of the what, when and where as we reveal...

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how to do christmas

December 1 2018

With Christmas less than four weeks away, like most of us, you are undoubtedly thinking about putting up the festive decorations. But where to start? Here at Hill House, our interior designers have put together some tips and tricks...

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