Our World / How to create the ultimate powder room?

June 20 2019

We share our best tips for creating a stylish and functional powder room

As a room that the majority of your guests are likely to visit at some point, making the most of your cloakroom is essential! When designing powder rooms, we play with patterns, textures, installations and lighting fixtures to bring interest to a space of limited size. But because these rooms are generally small compared to a standard sized bathroom, you’ve got the added benefit of selecting a more glamorous selection of materials too! Here’s our tips on how best to style your room.

Bespoke Vanity Units

Your powder room should always be a showstopper! Glamour and luxury must be experienced in all areas of your home, especially the cloakroom. That’s why we design and install bespoke vanity units, unique to each of our projects, to make a real statement.

Bespoke Vanity Units

The vanity space is where you can really make a lasting impact on anyone who uses the powder room. We suggest installing a wall hung vanity in your cloakroom to encourage the sense of space.

We like to introduce unique innovative materials when creating our stylish powder rooms as well. That’s why we often design and install bespoke vanity units incorporating unique wash basins.

The stunning lit mother-of-pearl basin with its delicate curves, set against dramatic textures and finishes make this cloakroom a sensation.

Mother of pearl basin

It' important to design cloakrooms without compromising on storage space too. Hidden storage created with these luxurious units or with recessed storage cabinets are important to retain the beauty and tranquillity of a space without compromising on practicality.

This dramatic cloakroom is finished in a striking Nero Marquina marble, with lit mother of pearl strips to frame the recessed storage cabinet.

Mother of pearl

Another way to transform your powder room without investing in a whole new vanity unit is by upgrading the faucets and taps. We particularly love using beautifully cast handles, champagne and bronze sanitary wear frequently paired with a deluxe marble look creating a sensual feel and an inherent natural beauty.

Bespoke Vanity Units

These beautiful cast handles sourced in Paris and available in our Weybridge showroom are great for vanity units as well as wardrobes, kitchens and bespoke furniture.


Wall lights positioned on mirrored panels are perfect for re-touching makeup rather than unflattering overhead lighting which creates shadows. An interesting sconce on either side of the mirror add importance to a space too. Some vanity units now feature under-mounted lighting to reflect the floor - great for a night light or to create some ambience!


Here we've designed and installed a bespoke vanity unit incorporating printed shagreen leather panels with chrome detailing and custom handles. Hand blown 'bamboo' wall lights have been positioned on mirrored panels.

Time to consider your darker side

Don't be afraid of using darker tones - it can create a rather elegant aesthetic in a small space. Dark shades like charcoal grey, navy blue, dark chocolate brown or black combined with textured walls, pattern or marble are all dramatic palettes for your powder room that will get your guests talking in no time!

This sophisticated powder room is defined by light and shade with a subtle blend of textures and integrated lighting.

Bespoke Vanity Units


Whether an entire wall or door is covered in mirror, it's in the reflective tiles, or the vanity, mirrored surfaces are stylish and key for our powder rooms. Aside from making spaces appear larger, mirrors are a discreet, yet tasteful way to hide imperfections and maximise light.


We designed and installed a bespoke vanity, finished in taupe snakeskin glass with polished chrome elements. The mirrored pocket door carefully cuts off the WC from view whilst giving the illusion of space.

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